TSW Analytical was established in 2006 to offer research-based scientific services. These scientific services are focused on solving problems which cannot be addressed by the suppliers of routine laboratory analysis. Since inception, the company has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of forensic and analytical chemistry in Australia and abroad. The highly diverse expertise of the TSW Analytical team has enabled the business to provide services to almost any client; from those involved in mining and exploration, to food regulators, producers and distributors, law enforcement agencies (domestically and internationally), consultants to the oil and gas industry as well as those pursuing academic endeavours. TSW Analytical is actively involved in cutting-edge scientific research which enables the delivery of a unique scientific service and facilitates an exceptional, highly applied research and training environment.

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Breakthrough technology for food origin verification, supply chain integrity, market access and brand protection

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Cutting-edge scientific technology with high-powered computer analysis, offering our customers the most accurate source verification technology available.

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Innovative, transformative solutions for a range of electronic data retrieval, analysis and processing applications in digital forensics.

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