TSW TraceTM Technology

Proven, Proprietary Technology

TSW TraceTM is a robust, definitive, tested and validated scientific method for establishing provenance of an item. TSW TraceTM brings together over 30 years of research and application across various disciplines. The method is delivered by the TSW Analytical Pty Ltd Forensic Science Services team who, combined, have over 60 years of advanced research and forensic casework experience.

  • TSW TraceTM has been developed over 30 years
  • TSW TraceTM is a method that is used to robustly determine the provenance of an item.
  • TSW TraceTM uses a variety of scientific approaches to determine the chemical profile or “fingerprint” of a sample and link it to its' origin.
  • TSW TraceTM is routinely employed as a forensic tool and is delivered by expert forensic chemists and investigators.

    This technology is applied across a vast number of areas including: Gold, Diamonds, Precious & Conflict Metals, Scenes of Crime Investigations, Physical Evidence, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Food and Fibre and Artwork & Antiquities.